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Warm Mid Autumn Festival public welfare activities 500 moon cakes warm family of 500

In September 14th, jointly organized by the west city newspaper and Saiqixi bakery "warm autumn" campaign launched, five days, Saiqixi shop staff and West metropolis newspaper reporter to the sanitation workers, traffic police, community residents, poor social welfare for the elderly children and poor students donated 500 copies, the value of 8 yuan the moon cake, sent to the West and Saiqixi bakery city report to the frontline staff and poor residents, Left-behind Children Welfare Institute and the mid autumn festival greetings and blessings. "Warm Mid Autumn Festival" public welfare activities in every stand by the community’s praise and praise. North District Urban Management Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau of sanitation services company Qu Hailing received love moon cake after the mood is very excited, she said: I did not expect people to send moon cake to my work. I’ve been respected, and I’m worth it." Xining City Public Security Bureau deputy director of the traffic police detachment office Xie said that the majority of police work overtime in the front line, they are very hard to receive the blessing of the Mid Autumn Festival, we feel very happy. In the southern Shandong community residents, Zhang Wenying also received a Saiqixi shop staff sent moon cake, she opened the package, and the taste of the family taste of moon cake, very happy. "My heart is very warm, this activity is really the hearts of our people." Zhang Wenying said. In the Xining City Social Welfare Institute, the staff received 100 copies of love moon cake, they are in the mid autumn festival day and the elderly, children and disabled people spend the Mid Autumn Festival, the Mid Autumn Festival is very special, enjoy love cakes and we really appreciate sage bakery and for the welfare of the West city newspaper love." Jia Wenyuan, President of the social welfare institute. "Warm autumn" campaign ended, the relevant staff Saiqixi bakery said, we took all the staff to work in all walks of life profound sentiments of friendship, staff, line of community residents, poverty of left-behind children welfare for the elderly and children to bring our most sincere greetings, the development of enterprises cannot do without the social from all walks of life support, we will with a grateful heart, to return to the society, love and dedication to the community. (author: Yan Zhuo)  


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