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Wang Yubo suggested that the central support for the remediation of dangerous rock

The National People’s Congress, Xining mayor Wang Yubo at a meeting of the twelve National People’s Congress, the comprehensive remediation of serious geological disasters in the work, the relevant departments of the state will continue to be the capital support.

Wang Yubo introduction, Beishan Region is an important economic zone in Xining, but also a national community. In the large geological disaster area is located in Xining City Huangshui River, an area of about 50.6 square kilometers, involving the relocation of a total area of 921 thousand and 900 square meters. According to the 2006 national experts on-the-spot demonstration, have been identified included in the national oversize geologic hazard zone.

is a geological disaster related to people’s lives and property safety. The region has 56 enterprises and institutions, 5155 residents of more than 30 thousand people. In recent years there have been more than and 30 people died due to frequent disasters, direct economic losses of up to 400 million yuan. The area of Beishan temple, Lin Jiaya and other places of dangerous rock and landslide is still active, some in critical condition, danger of collapse and slide at any time, a serious threat to life and property safety of residents and enterprises and municipal facilities 5 billion yuan of assets safety.

two is related to the national strategic traffic safety. The Qinghai Tibet railway, Lanxi (Danla expressway connecting national highway) and is building second double Lanzhou Xinjiang line of about 20 km in the area of geological disaster, caused a great threat and influence of geological disasters in the region of landslide, collapse, debris flow hazards on mainland Tibet, connecting Qinghai, Xinjiang and other ethnic areas traffic artery.

three is a geological disaster related to urban landscape and cultural relics protection. For a long time, due to the impact of geological disasters, the investment and construction of urban infrastructure can not be carried out, resulting in poor infrastructure and confusion in the region. Housing residents are mostly old and dangerous, harsh environment. Xining city famous scenic spots, Taoist temple is located in the North Beishan Tulou view of the dangerous rock mass, rock slope due to ongoing collapse, some murals have been with the collapse of body collapse, endangering the protection of cultural relics.

four is a geological disaster related to national unity and harmony. More than 75% of the residents living in the area are Muslim, and the other is the Han, Tibetan, Tu, Mongolian, etc.. In the province of national unity and progress to create a demonstration area in Beishan, native people urged the geological disaster management is one of the outstanding problems included in the key provincial, municipal government, but because of limited financial resources, has not been completely resolved.

Wang Yubo pointed out that, according to the comprehensive study of the northern slope of dangerous rock project feasibility study, the completion of a total of 2 billion 10 million yuan of funds required for comprehensive remediation. Xining began in 2006, a total of 550 million yuan of funds to raise the stage to carry out the relocation of the northern part of the dangerous rock mass geological hazards in the area to avoid and comprehensive rectification work, in June 2010 completed the one or two phase of governance. Invested 442 million yuan. Three or four phase of the project involves the relocation of resettlement of more than 4120 enterprises and institutions, the need for land acquisition of 805 acres, demolition of 188 thousand square meters. Has completed the demolition area of 85 thousand square meters, invested $108 million. Currently need;


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