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Provincial Cultural Press and Publication office issued a notice to do a good job during the Spring

Spring Festival is approaching, in order to create a strong festive atmosphere, rich in active cultural activities during the Spring Festival, the provincial press and Publication office issued a notice, do a good job during the Spring Festival cultural activities of the specific requirements.

"notice" pointed out that, during the Spring Festival, the province’s cultural departments at all levels and the theatrical performance team to "take the culture, people forget the beginning of the heart" as the theme, with "deep into life, rooted in the people" theme practice activities, carry out cultural performances, send send send books, send couplets and other series of cultural Huimin activities, in-depth the basic unit, to help organize team, counseling programs, increase the intensity of services, improve service quality, so that all the people share the fruits of cultural development, enjoy the cultural rights and interests.

the "notice" requirement, should make full use of cultural centers, libraries, museums and various comprehensive cultural stations of township and village comprehensive cultural service center, herdsmen amateur theater and cultural square cultural activities such as ground facilities, give full play to the functions of public cultural services, extensive cultural volunteer service, constantly improve the public cultural service extension the spread of advanced culture, promote civilized new. The public library should be organized to carry out the New Year Spring Festival reading month, calligraphy and painting exhibitions, lectures, reading poetry, essay contest and other activities, make full use of the cultural information resources sharing, public electronic reading room and other equipment, promoting the whole society to form a strong scholarly atmosphere; cultural centers (stations) to launch a number of popular, with unity and cohesion, promote righteousness, beautify soul, advocate civilization, get rid of bad habits of good programs, organize the New Year Concert, square dance performances, exhibitions, festivals the Lantern Festival and other cultural activities, and constantly improve the level of festivals and cultural events.

the "notice" also requires cultural departments at all levels should organize mining excellent traditional culture of folk, advocate at all levels of the intangible cultural heritage project protection units, representative inheritors, carry out the traditional music, traditional dance, traditional drama, traditional sports, traditional folk art, traditional art and other non-material cultural heritage project exhibition exhibition all localities should actively guide and support; and to encourage private amateur theater and community arts organizations to carry out ziyuzile grassroots Festival cultural activities, also pay close attention to the elderly and disabled, migrant workers and other special groups of festivals and cultural life, sent to the party and the government and social care.



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