What are the notes of the clothing store

open a clothing store needs to know what precautions? Look at the current market, we all need to know what precautions?

1,   wholesale clothing: sampling, style, brand, number

A part of the

left Sunday! If you enter the sales season, make a second three or four day


like "38" and "51" "National Day" and several other sales climax. Don’t wait until the same time when preparing goods, half a month ahead of time can start getting ready! Give yourself enough time to arrange for


2,   clothing wholesale channels:

seven Pu Shanghai clothing wholesale market or Hangzhou Sijiqing clothing wholesale market. The store opened only at seven bushels of wholesale clothing wholesale market. The same day, the nearest convenient city, after sales go up, go to Hangzhou in Sijiqing clothing wholesale market.

clothing display

product display characteristics, to highlight their clothing to shirts, skirts, trousers, suits and other separate display, in addition to the store to look tidy outside to buy selected customers to provide convenient, if you only want to buy a dress, he just picked at the skirt, if bought a skirt to match to coat, coat to the amount of the direct collocation! Can be used a model of a kind, often a kind of clothes is the fastest selling! In the window like to replace frequently >


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