The ten wine brand rankings

How about the quality of

wine, will directly affect the quality of wine, so wine brand choice for people naturally will be very cautious. Below, let Xiaobian to recommend the ten wine brand rankings, so that more consumers can choose suitable wine products.

ten wine brand rankings, Haier NO.1 Haier was established in 1984, a world-class home appliances brand, China enterprise 500, the world first brand of white goods, one of the most valuable brands China, Haier Group Company.

ten wine brand rankings, BOSCH NO.2 BOSCH: the world famous brand, the leading brand of European home appliance market, Chinese industry well-known brand, brand influence, BSH home appliances (China) Co. ltd..

ten wine brand ranking NO.3, towards the new SICAO: one of the most influential wine brands, one of the most professional manufacturer of electronic Chinese wine, wine ten brands, Shenzhen city chuangyangda Co. ltd..

ten wine brand rankings, NO.4 Raching Raching: professional wine storage, smoke storage smart appliances R & D and production enterprises, the leading brand, the ten wine brand, Shenzhen Raching Technology Co. ltd..

ten wine brand ranking NO.5, Intertrust Fuxin: Sino foreign joint ventures, semiconductor thermoelectric refrigeration chip, China’s largest manufacturer of semiconductor refrigeration system, the national high-tech enterprise, Guangdong Fuxin Polytron Technologies Inc.

ten wine brand rankings, AUCMA NO.6 AUCMA, founded in 1987, won the Chinese brand, Shandong famous brand products, high-tech enterprises, refrigeration equipment supplier of global well-known Limited by Share Ltd, AUCMA.

ten wine brand rankings: NO.7, SIEMENS was founded in 1847 in Germany, the world well-known manufacturers of household appliances, washing machine production enterprises one of the world’s most influential, BSH home appliances (China) Co. ltd..

ten wine brand ranking NO.8, Frestech Frestec: founded in 1984, one of the most famous brand Chinese large modern green appliances, white goods manufacturing enterprises, Henan Frestech Electrical Appliance Co. ltd..

ten wine brand ranking NO.9, casarte Casarte: high-end home appliances brand Haier group to build the leading domestic high-end wine industry, established the national standard, Haier Electronics Group Co. ltd..

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