How to name the glasses shop

eyes as a very important part of our body, although many people want to protect it, but still let many people’s eyes have problems. They say that the eyes are the window of the soul, but with the increase of the pressure of study and work, our eyes are also affected. However, the rapid development of the optical industry is also for us to solve this problem, the auxiliary role of glasses let us once again clearly appreciate the beauty of the world. More and more customers want to start their own glasses shop, shop name is the first problem to be solved.

shop name is not only a code, it is an important part of the appearance of the image. To some extent, a good name can quickly store business ideas spread to consumers, enhance the appeal of the store, and then bring the more money. Today to analyze some of the glasses shop named method, hoping to help our customers.

from space overlooking the earth, you will find in the vast mainland southeast of the sea, inlaid with many sparkling gems of the island, there is a banana leaf shape if the narrow islands, which is beautiful and rich, charming and colorful the island of Taiwan island. From Taiwan Taiwan glasses named, and taking Taiwan island as the eternal beauty of graphics, Taiwan glasses trademark. Taiwan glasses LOGO design to the island of Taiwan as a symbol of shape modeling, Taiwan Taiwan narrow structure like a face shape, with glasses is LOGO design the most beautiful island glasses. This idea makes people love more Taiwan glasses.

Baoshida glasses with its excellent quality of popular, "Baoshida English" is "best" transliteration, also known as the "best, best quality". Baoshida want the best glasses products dedicated to the vast number of customers, customers may have a better visual experience. Do not say, do it best, it is by virtue of the continuous improvement, continuous efforts of the spirit, Baoshida will continue to progress, and achieved excellent results. We can also see from the English transliteration of the name is also related to the eyes. "As" "see", and can be extended to the eye, a treasure as the eyes, can let our eyesight reach the normal level, bright eyes, our thinking will be more active, more clear thinking.

CIBA Vision glasses is fundamental to the quality strives to provide quality products and better service for the customer, and guide the trend, create a more professional optometry. As the name says, "CIBA Vision" that let the eye health of Italy, CIBA Vision glasses is by virtue of this concept, continue to provide consumers with glasses, will get the support and trust of consumers.

below to talk about the basic requirements of the optical shop named it:

first, to reflect the personality and uniqueness


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