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Do you need a market survey to open a toy store

said a small toy stores do not have the trouble of high market investigation, but now even a small toy store also needs to be careful market investigation.

, a toy store environment and passenger flow survey.

two, near the traffic conditions and the surrounding facilities survey.

The evaluation of the level of consumption of

is a complex problem. Generally speaking, the evaluation of consumption level needs to be evaluated from the aspects of housing, transportation, communication, clothing, family, entertainment, education, medical care and so on. Lots of rich people gathered in the open jewelry shop, high-grade fashion shop is aimed at the characteristics of the target customer high income. The construction of a variety of commercial villas around the city or the grade of the District, the rich are gathered. In addition, the toy store customer consumption level survey also need to see the proportion of children in the vicinity of the total number of children, the more children, the potential of toys >


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