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Nanchong lead the first half of 2479 college students to participate in Entrepreneurship

now governments are promoting entrepreneurship, especially for some college students social entrepreneurs, each local government have given positive guidance, at the same time, employment and entrepreneurship are two inseparable topics.

has been with the dream of entrepreneurship of college graduates was climbing, 3 years ago came to Langzhong in Xiamen quit the lucrative work, rented more than and 200 acres of land in the village head in Tucheng Township, farms. After 3 years of development, expanding the scale of farming, aquaculture has three yellow chicken, Turkey, guinea fowl, Lvkedanji a total of more than 10 thousand, the annual profit of more than 200 thousand yuan, while absorbing the 4 farmers’ employment.

2014 years, any climbing farms standardized, modern management model development, in the transformation of the farms are facing many difficulties. Although any climbing self breeding technology, but the transformation of farm management, how to expand the scale of how to open up the market to sell but do nothing. Langzhong City Employment Services Authority to understand the situation, to arrange for him to participate in entrepreneurship training free immediately after 10 days of training, not only let climbing initial grasp of the company’s management pattern, but also learned to do market analysis and future development planning. At the same time, the local employment sector experts personally to the farm to find problems, conduct entrepreneurial guidance to help any successful climb through the transition period.

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