Not the same Manicure join men Manicure

in China, Manicure do seem to be keen to choose female consumers. However, in western countries, men do have Manicure as men’s beauty It is quite common for, like, have experience very good profit. If you want to engage in business Manicure, consider the man Manicure.

in the common view, Manicure is a girl, there should be no relationship between the man and the thing. However, when the concept of fashion has become increasingly broad, nail maintenance gradually hooked up with men. Male nail maintenance is very popular in Europe and America, but the domestic service specifically for men "Manicure" shop is relatively small, only Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other economically developed city. These stores have a good profit.

shop features

investment conditions

the minimum investment amount of 100 thousand yuan, of which 40 thousand yuan investment in equipment, liquidity and other expenses of about 60 thousand yuan. Shop area of about 30 square meters, staff of 2 people.


nail curing average gross profit of about 50 yuan / times. Investors about 6 months – 12 months to recover the initial investment.

investment advice

1, suggest that investors can run the first or second male cosmetics brand, increase profit point.

2, the male Manicure for the majority of the city is also very strange, suggest that investors at the same time to carry out female Manicure business.

3, the store’s main target customers for the 18 – year – old man, and more to engage in fashion design, beauty salons and other industries of the male dominated by.

of course, our country’s Manicure market is not fully open, the current consumption will be in this area crowd mostly high-income groups or related professionals in pursuit of shape. So if you want to engage in Manicure men to join the business, please do a market survey.

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