How to do a good job in the pizza chain

now more and more common fashion pizza shop, many franchisees want to master a lot of skills, ready to invest in advance. If you want to cooperate with the headquarters, so no problem of natural wealth. What preparations do you need to open a pizza chain? If you want to learn more skills, you can learn from small series.

What is the address of local

According to the properties of

chain store itself to evaluate the pizza shop franchise shop address should pay attention to the customer flow, storefront cost includes many aspects, specifically, the main need to consider the following aspects: the new process of building and renovation costs, real estate prices and the period of use, relocation, compensation, there is no hydropower capacity costs, urban planning restrictions. Evaluation of the site is actually to analyze the development trend of city planning. The location of the store is chosen to analyze the planning of urban construction, including both short-term planning and long-term planning.

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