How to operate the store to live up


is not good to do business now, but there are a lot of people fought to venture onto the road shop. The shop to do business, who do not want their own shop fire up, want to fire first to live". How to "live", sitting in the store did not live, my approach is to "move" g static. What is the real grams of static, for our operators, after all, is to go out; go out and do what? Is it good for our business? We do business is distribution shop, go out, regardless of store, does not affect our business?

I’m here to go out, mainly market observation, dare to be the first, no one I have, I have excellent, service home, door-to-door. It turned out to be so simple, operators are aware that it is such a simple thing, we do not do a lot of shops.

Many people complain that

now, the recession is not good to do, the recession is less customers; always want to change the status quo, there are plans to also have a plan, "the mouth Trinidad, buttocks playing Wei Wo", say, the body is not always from the boss chair, the owner should be in the "store", the shortcomings of small goods etc. saved into the car, customers buy things can wait? Customer calls to order, to calculate how much money, enough to send something to look forward, not something to look forward to find a reason to push off, customers can only find another home……

yesterday, I suddenly received a telephone customer shop next to me, I have to ask the time? I retorted, "what can I do for you?" He said: "can you send two cards?" Of course you can." I readily agree. "All right, cash on delivery." I think the neighborhood stores can seize this consumer, I envy, but people are old man, I want to pull is not easy; if you take the initiative, not my character, don’t not taking morality; although peer is the enemy, but not adjacent to the enemies. This is the initiative to find customers, is to give us the opportunity to earn more than earn less, look at the long-term.

is for people, not what you think. Just know that, with enough money to run errands nearby shop, let me go, perhaps the old man a good excuse, mildly relieved. He has a friend in my house, I have a phone call. Zhang boss really give face." I am polite: each shop is door-to-door, door-to-door is a commitment, commitment is the integrity of the goods do not ask how much, as long as the customer needs is what we should do. The old man used to goods, more responsibility, jishijiban." Everyone laughed, someone quipped: "a boss, a needle to send?" I without thinking: "send, be sure to send." "Then you’ll have to bother the boss." "Business is never afraid of trouble, we are useful, a phone call."

a casual small business, to my store into the unexpected popularity.

a lot of shops have this, "door-to-door" services; customers are generally more shopping >


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