How to open a profitable import food store

with the increase of life consumption level, the modern people’s taste buds are increasingly picky, recently imported food with unique taste and innovative packaging exquisite fashion, taste is Chinese consumers, population continues to grow to consume imported snacks. There are a lot of entrepreneurs took a fancy to the business opportunities, want to open an imported food store, then for the lack of experience in the industry of investment novice, how to open a profitable import food store?

1, imported food store store location decoration. Compared with domestic food, imported food prices than domestic food prices a little expensive, the main consumer groups of imported food for 25 – to 35 year old women, so try to choose imported food stores in shopping malls, pedestrian street, high occupancy area, ensure sufficient traffic. Decoration, Hugo dragon will have professional designers, decoration store size according to customer requirements of customers and design drawings.

2, imported food store merchandise selection, selection of goods should pay attention to the complete category, and to compare with domestic food, don’t take brand as the first element, should be for the crowd to choose goods, such as children’s choice of candy, cookies, sea moss, brew drinks for young women to provide nuts, cakes, chocolate and so on, for the elderly to provide health care products, health care, which cover the crowd is more extensive.

3, imported food store shop staff enthusiasm, the customer is very important to employees in the first impression, customers should keep smile moment by moment, customers have questions about the product, must have the patience to explain the customers, no customers, can see product introduction, put the goods neatly. Give customers a comfortable and clean environment for consumption.

delicacy without borders, with the constant improvement of people’s quality of life, in the pursuit of quality food delicacy market demand, imported products to the advantage of its own Chinese gradually by the consumers attention and love. This is also a lot of businesses smell opportunity, want to invest in a special imported goods store. The market is good, but in the actual operation of the operation is not easy to succeed, the successful operation of the store in addition to several aspects of the above introduction, there are more critical factors need practitioners to learn and master.

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