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11 problems should be paid attention to in early 2012

as the saying goes, everything is difficult at the beginning. In the early stages of entrepreneurship is the case, if the venture is easy, everyone will do, but they do not. Only those who believe in themselves as entrepreneurs are willing to act – even if you deny that the entrepreneurial spirit has been burning in your body for a long time. The whole network Xiaobian for you about 11 early start to pay attention to the problem.

using that burning desire to promote the business growth of

but simply lighting it far. Most people find it hard to resist, it’s too hard to keep their enthusiasm for the first few months or years. Here are a few tips that might help your business grow in size and profitability.

1 for specific jobs, better than you to hire professionals.

income from repeat business. Few business owners plan for long-term success. When you seize the existing customers at the same time, but also can get a new customer, your business grows. That’s how it is. What if each of your customers lives forever? You will have many patrons?

new enterprises do not have the time and resources to settle down. General H.NormanSchwarzkopf once said to me, "as long as everything in control, do it." He also believes that decisions and thinking are better than maintaining the status quo.

5 more than you promise action.

if you tell the customer the need for three days, two days to send the past. If you think it takes two hours, you have to commit to it for three hours. This is a wonderful way of marketing.

According to the

7 not squandering a penny.



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