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Experiential marketing to promote new products more effective

a store every new continuously in the process of operation, there is the old replenishment, some will direct the new. But this year, the province of new smoke strong incoming, let too busy to attend to all retailers. Many retail customers said: "every month a new listing, but most of the customers are buying conventional brands, products can only attract a few love early adopters of consumers, now a category, but do not know how to broaden the visibility of these new products." Not only to start the new cigarette visibility, but also to allow consumers to produce more new sense of identity, I think it is better to try the Jinjiang customer Zheng boss experiential marketing method, perhaps you can make your eyes shine.

consumption: looking for tourists, inviting consumers to shop experience. The young man is not only the main consumer, and consumer communication source, WeChat group, the boss through the circle of friends of the new product features, brand selling point spread, which is of interest to invite new tobacco consumers to the store, and in store experience area tea taste absorption, sense of consumer interest. For example, some time ago just out of the Phoenix (a young worker, a harmonious union lasting a hundred years) in an invitation to taste, happy marriage happy and said he wanted to buy cheap cigarettes, this is consistent with their consumption ability, immediately Zheng boss store to buy all the stock.

consumption: focus on consumer experience. In his spare time, Zheng boss will ask consumers to shop for free taste, chat with them and the consumers small household affairs, taste evaluation seriously recorded. There are different consumer preferences, Zheng Zheng’s book in this book, the consumer’s geographical, age classification clear, let a person at a glance. For example, Shaanxi guy Mike to his hometown to produce a praise, and to promote a lot of his side’s fellow friends. Just graduated to work in small summer is more inclined to love and pride that he is fine, a special appearance Association, love the black smoke style packaging.


consumption: track the views of consumers recommend that each new product will attract a small number of consumers will attract a lot of consumers to buy their own customers to collect a lot of opinions and suggestions. Zheng boss according to age, income, consumer goods regulations, use, smoking, consumer price index, the localization of different brands of consumer groups, from time to time in various consumer group in the WeChat group issued red envelopes, stimulate the enthusiasm of consumers, for consumers to chat smoke for further conversation, good brand promotion support.

a lot of shops in order to improve sales after the new, any customer will be promoted after the store. However, many times the effect is not ideal. From the blind to talk about the intuitive feelings of consumers take the initiative to recommend new cigarette, Zheng boss with experiential marketing will be clever consumers into their own think-tank, new SO EASY!


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