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Ningxia four forces break through the shackles of entrepreneurship

Ningxia is located in the western part of China, and has been lack of attraction. Coincides with the double activity, Ningxia Xixia district to carry out multiple business support, stimulate local youth entrepreneurial enthusiasm, optimize business support services, creating successfully launched.

12 8, the reporter from the Xixia District Employment Bureau, Xixia district this year by stimulating the entrepreneurial endogenous power, enhance the practical ability of enterprise, enhance the entrepreneurial environment, entrepreneurial carrier "Sony gravity spawned four force one, the formation of the workers" dare entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship, innovation and industry will achieve great undertaking "the breakthrough, as of now, has been training small enterprises 294, training small boss 592 people; the development of entrepreneurial projects 85, create new jobs 2848. At the same time, support 53 ecological migrants and 15 college students entrepreneurship.

It is reported that this year

, Xixia District, organized by the college students’ entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship and employment deeds forum and venture enterprise legal knowledge hall, launched the "win in Xixia entrepreneurship competition, policy advocacy, policy delivery service in Campus (community) and other activities, and further stimulate the entrepreneurial enthusiasm and endogenous power. At the same time, according to the actual entrepreneurs want to lack of skills, for different groups and in different stages of entrepreneurship entrepreneurial process classification implementation of entrepreneurship awareness training, business training and simulation training, improve enterprise training etc..

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