Milk tea shop is not suitable to open where

a correct location for a physical store in the latter part of the operation will have a very big influence, therefore, if you want to successfully set up shop, naturally also need to do a good job site. In addition to the need to continue to investigate what is suitable for shop outside, naturally also need to pay attention to what is not suitable. Only tea shops to circumvent these places, it is possible to obtain the success of business.

tea shop if you are not in favor of customers in and out of the position, is not desirable. As in the slope of the road, traffic is not conducive to stop, especially the product is not easy to carry shopping or a relatively large number of shops, such as supermarkets and other inappropriate opening. But if the shop had to be located in the slope of the road. For example, in the mountain city of Chongqing, it is necessary to set up a convenient store personnel in the proper range between road surface and, in the display of channel planning, but also think about the convenience of customer products.

in the underground, upstairs road plane and pavement ground bump have poor area tea shop, is also not ideal. Because these areas are not within the scope of the customer to walk, it is easy to be into the shop through negligence; stairs, customer import is not convenient, especially the elderly and people with disabilities, pregnant mother earth.

so small convenience stores, clothing stores for the elderly, pregnant mothers, such as the best do not choose to shop in these places. But these shops usually rent cheaper, some operators of fashion, animation products shops like to think. However, when faced with this phenomenon, the tea shop will need to plan gorgeous eye-catching signs to attract customers, channel planning to be reasonable, convenient revenue and expenditure.

so, in the choice of tea shop must be careful for the transfer of stores do not rush to take over. Can’t see a transfer of the shop, that appearance is good, the rent is cheap, lightly over. Some often close to the transfer shop, usually frequently replace the merchant, so be sure to make careful investigation in the market took over.

said that although the location for a shop business will have a very important influence, and even can be directly determines the late business shop. However, in fact, the quality of the tea shop address is relatively, the impact of many elements of the store business. Some remote locations may Business Flourishes tea shop, and some downtown shops are still in business. Shop location, operation mode, the quality of the products are decided by the quality of business.


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