Packet – to thin stuffing steamed buns OK

what kind of steamed stuffed bun is a good steamed stuffed bun, Xiao Bian end of the induction of the three points, I think we will certainly see my point of view, that is: large, thin skin, filling more. Meet these three points do not want to eat steamed stuffed bun. From inside the package is able to meet the three buns delicious big buns.


package to project development team to rely on a strong R & D capability, the original new fermentation preparation, no need to wait for the fermentation and after a good face.

without early baking, baking process without other similar products 2-3 hours. Much higher than other products processing efficiency, allowing you to get beyond the imagination of super high economic returns.

is the rare Cordyceps market, with many kinds of delicious sauces, composed of a unique secret health stuffing.

eat full, eat well, but also to eat healthy, is a new concept of the current popular dining.


package to – thin skin stuffing steamed buns join advantage:

ultra low cost, high return: low investment costs, large gains, net profit of 60%, fast return to the.

no chef, easy to learn easy to do: core material package, super simple operation.

tastes of many ages: a wide range of people, to the elderly, to children, workers and students all love.

location convenient, easy to operate: community, school, business, shopping, office areas are available near the operation, no place restrictions.

flexible operation, strong sales of four: join the brand of small investment, diverse patterns, without much street facade, diners can also operate.

The characteristics of

technology, secret recipe: no early baking, unique technology, and face without fermentation, direct steaming full baking ladle.


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