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School supplies store market positioning is very important


students market economic development potential, to want to do stationery shop business venture, open a stationery store is a good business projects, but the market, identify the market positioning is the key. Because of the different ages of children’s products market demand is not the same, the specific situation together to see.

stationery stores covering learning stationery, jewelry, toys, cartoon DIY manual creative class, classic Disney cartoon, electronic products, fashion life, festive gifts, sports fitness activities, 10 nearly ten thousand varieties, with cartoon, electronics, science and technology, intelligent and stylish and practical elements, and suitable for different age stages of consumer products according to the different market segments demand:

3 to children’s toys, health and environmental protection at the age of 6, the

is a superb collection of beautiful things;

7 to 12 years old children’s puzzle, cartoon stationery, rich and colorful;

13 to 16 year olds, DIY creative stationery, full of whimsy;

more educational books, teaching aids, teaching equipment and other interesting teaching tools;

not only attractive products, more attractive price: more than 80% of the price is less than $5, with all the children have no distance!

how to open the school supplies store notes:

to do the most important thing is to rely on the amount of stationery, look at what you are in school, not in the vicinity of primary school, because children will spend more money on snacks and toys, the best is the secondary school.

doesn’t have to spend so much money on decorating.

stock, then do not put too much time, you can try to advance a part of the market, it is best to go to the Zhejiang Yiwu side of the purchase, stationery stores do not like daily necessities, every day, just need to buy.

wants to successfully open a stationery store, investors need to make decisions according to their actual situation, to what their specific business projects, once the market positioning to determine the business ideas behind, including site selection, purchase and other clear is clear.


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