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A successful brand marketing case sharing to stabilize each step

may have encountered other entrepreneurial opportunities in your entrepreneurial process, so how to tap the potential of development? This article describes the success of such a case, let you look at how the businessman is successful marketing.

my past is the main industry of car modification, in the conversion process, I have accumulated a number of high-end customer groups, young. I am also a chowhound, eat, so I think, the creation of a catering brand, this brand is what we see hot kitchen furniture.

the product, need to consider the pavement renovation. I think the food has been over the stage of the fight decoration, as long as the main target to meet my customers 80 90, so we set the tone is simple.

How to create the difference of


in-depth research on the selected category. We know that the crayfish culture nearly 20 years, we have always questioned crayfish health problems, but also because during the health problem, caused by bad repercussions. I think, your health to see so heavy, but are not clean around the crawfish do this, so I decided to put on a clean theme. Our slogan is to do the most clean crayfish.

Set the tone:

in the first clean, such as crayfish head, small pliers to cut out; then repeated visits by WeChat, micro-blog and other media and the public, crawfish sourcing, production process, allowing the user to clean and more intuitive understanding.

We provide customers with

selected category, set the tone, then the next step is how to enhance the dining experience.


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