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How about opening a copy shop Do you make money

now more and more investors to achieve the dream of high efficiency through the subdivision of business projects. As a small industry type, a lot of people will ask to open a copy shop to make money? Profit? Here’s a look at typing copy shop profit of some simple analysis:

now open copy shop profit, how to make money? India is an old business, as early as four typewriters, typing photocopying shop began to appear, there is a period of time once over the high streets and back lanes but with the popularity of computer and printer, print, copy, typing and photocopying shop business gradually declined, greatly reduce the number, many of the original business good stores have turned to copy typing the printing and advertising industry. However, in some special areas, such as government agencies, universities, commercial institutions near, typing photocopying shop still has considerable room for survival.

is typing copy shop already is not a simple typing in the store, the main equipment type copy shop has achieved digitization, investment and saving, the year 40 thousand to ~5 million yuan to purchase the equipment, now as long as 10 thousand ~ 20 thousand yuan can buy, but better. If you can find a lot of good, open a typing copy shop, it is a small investment, quick start projects.

the current digital copiers and analog copiers copiers have two kinds of traditional analog copier is based on the principle of electrostatic printing, and digital copier is the use of laser transfer principle, so the digital copier has high resolution, a digital editing, copying, scanning times for paper binding powerful advantages, and digital copier set print fax, scan and copy function, can save the print shop a lot of equipment investment, cost accounting is also more convenient.

but, for a small typed copy shop, need the performance of less than million entry-level products have been basically able to meet the daily business, if a copy of the intensity is relatively large, can also choose million products. In addition to the speed of copying and copying, the warm-up time is also a very important factor, it is directly related to the efficiency of business processes. Do you have a high profit margin for typing copy shops? Some products have a warm-up time of more than one minute. There is also a need to consider the factor is the cost of copier supplies, the current copy price is relatively low, the cost of supplies is directly related to the income of the text shop, therefore, in this regard must be carefully considered. Now let’s take a look at the investment and profitability of the typing shop.

text printing shop used to copy and print paper can use the same type of copy paper, mainly for 8 open copy paper, the price of about 500 pages of $18, leaflets cost of $0.036. Ricoh and SHARP used toner cartridges, photosensitive drum and carrier consumables costs less, if you do not consider depreciation, can only calculate the toner into.


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