Do warm article to deal with cold weather

has come to the winter time, the weather is a cold day, people are free shrinkage at home, are not willing to go out, so that the business of the shop will suffer. Close of the year, means that the 39 cold caused by bad weather approaching, the weather is getting cold. The new year is approaching, retailers how to do retail business, how to make money, is a realistic problem in front of right lingshouhu. I recently contacted several retail households, through observation, communication found that they have not begun to think about this problem.

some retailers think time is early, still can wait, some retailers because of the cold weather is basically stay in the store business is business or follow the prescribed order, tobacco and sugar food and other daily necessities. There are also a lot of thinking in the minds of retail households, but I do not know how to start. The author believes that with the New Year approaching, retail should first on climate change, change some business ideas. That is, for the cold do warm article. In other words, to ensure adequate supply of adequate supplies of normal life, to buy some winter skin care, heating supplies business.

warm class: leather gloves, gloves, washing kettle, electric blankets, warm shoes, warm clothing; skin care category: all kinds of perfume, skin cream, antifreeze cream etc.. Fitness class: Badminton (table tennis), sports shoes, etc.. The diet: in short, the climate is relatively cold in one year, retailers should be bold to change the traditional thinking, to actively do the "warm", focus on the elderly, women and children as the object of consumption goods into the purchase and retail, to meet customer demand, expand business. The retail shop is full of yourself "warmth", with "hot air", an effective way I think this is to attract customers. Of course, in the purchase should be properly arranged, avoid random disorder.

retailer Song Guizhi told reporters: my year in the Gregorian calendar in mid October, started into the purchase for the elderly, women and children in three groups of winter activities. In particular, pay attention to "warm" products, and actively create a warm atmosphere to win customer support. Over the years, the effect is very good. In fact, if slower than others, then some business opportunities will slip away.

time is different, as retail households, if you want to make the business has a better development, naturally also need to have a change of mind, so that the business will be better development. In short, the year is approaching, the weather is getting cold, if you want to make the business of the shop can be improved, in the cold season to make a fortune, consider the "warm.".


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