Beijing entrepreneurial ecosystem

for many modern social entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs often have the entrepreneurial passion is not enough, also need to have a good social environment, has a good business environment for many entrepreneurs, in fact, is a very critical point.

, a large number of enterprises, such as angel sinks, West master meat Mo, today’s headlines, 36 krypton, play together Beijing, everyone goods, good credit network, Lego box…… Has been flying in the wings of the dream. Beijing, Zhongguancun, Haidian District, is a time to set off a microcosm of entrepreneurial tide.

here, there is the traditional bank financing platform, equity investment, public equity raise new, and talent cultivation, talent recruitment, more to create a one-stop ecosystem incubator and solid policy support.

in the whole road of entrepreneurship, has a good social environment can help the majority of entrepreneurs to achieve a successful business objectives, and now in many places are actively create a good business environment.


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