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The best place to put the goods to vary from person to person

for the display of goods, I believe that almost every owner should know that this is the work we need to pay attention to. Read an article, said the best place for commodity display is parallel to the line of sight, so I usually pay more attention to the display of goods in this regard skills. However, even if I pay special attention to, sometimes it will inevitably make mistakes.

because most of the leisure food is the favorite of children and women, usually I will put them together to display, the height of the shelves are basically the following 5 – that is, when I walk the line of sight can look down to the location. On that day, the new store a recent fire children commodity — Trolltech eggs. This is a delicious and fun leisure goods, divided into boys and girls version, did not purchase a lot of children come to my store to find.

After the purchase of

, I am very worried about its sales: only the size of a small egg, retail price actually reached 9 yuan! I am afraid that some parents will not accept, for this purpose, I deliberately on the shelf to make the best position I think, that is, the fourth shelf, I can see a little bit of the position. I have arranged, for their own decoration eye-catching and pleased with oneself.

evening, near the kids after school, one after another into the store to buy things. I was confused, these kids clamoring every day and I want to actually like eggs Trolltech not found, only to pick up some other small food. When I am confused, a friend in the shop went around and asked me: "aunt, not into the wild eggs?" I said: "go, take your aunt." The children see I take eggs from Trolltech fourth shelf, excitedly said to me: "Wow, so many! Auntie, you put it so well that I didn’t see it."

listening to a child, I see light suddenly. It turned out that the best place I would like to put the product is my eyes to see the best height, while ignoring the height of the child. The child’s parallel line of sight should be below three floors, the first floor is just two. This I look at some of the humble position is actually the best perspective of the children, found the problem, I quickly corrected. Immediately, this let me feel the price high into the store Trolltech egg selling goods.

although many shopkeepers are aware of the importance of the placement of goods, however, in the end how the goods should be placed, or the need to combine consumer analysis. When our own brains, commodity display trouble, try this parallel sight display method. Of course, different goods must be treated with different customers, the best place for the crowd. In this way, will receive unexpected good results.


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