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Yogurt bar to join the business how to choose the brand project

venture capital season is coming, there are a lot of investors fancy yogurt bar to join the business, want to do such an agent project. But now on the market, the brand is also a lot of yogurt on the project, how to choose a good project? Investors need to pay attention to the following aspects:

yogurt bar join venture note 1, the cost of

there are a lot of entrepreneurs would like to know, how much yogurt to join it? Some people may have to join the cost of thousands of – thousands of dollars, which is the most important link to join yogurt bar. If the light to see some brands of beautiful packaging, did not understand the nature of his results, × × 000 jiamengfei cast into, and produce other expenses, a chain, yogurt business if it didn’t come back, these are not even a global investor to take a. Remind you, choose to join the brand of yogurt is particularly important! Must live within its means, select their own brand


yogurt bar join venture note 2, equipment, raw materials

yogurt franchise shop equipment, raw materials are necessities, collaboration vendors are the industry’s well-known brands, quality assurance! But the key is to consider, for the franchisee to parity supply, truly giving benefits to the franchisee, franchisee in the operation of money is king. Imagine some yogurt brand to join the raw material supply price, the franchisee’s average profit as long as one cup of 30%-40%, this is how much fear the truth! Promise to the franchisee’s gross profit is 65%-70%, the relative merits of

at a glance!

yogurt bar join entrepreneurial attention 3, store design

yogurt bar franchise is usually made by the company’s decorative drawings, joined the company to find their own decoration company decoration, so you can control the decoration costs. But some joined the company is solely responsible for the decoration, all inclusive, the franchisee will not easily, need to find a decoration company, but the money spent many more. There is a word to say so: want to save more money, want to save money on their own fees. Love and yogurt will be the design of specialized personnel, according to local custom and human feelings and needs the franchisee, the franchisee to sell design renderings with.

yogurt bar join venture note 4, joined the aftermarket

about customer service issues, it depends on the brand attitude, regardless of whether it is to join the company or franchisee, should be the best cooperation, everyone is really good! You have a yogurt franchise headquarters customer service system is perfect, then you will be assured of protection of franchisee. Join in all subsequent problems encountered in the business, will be the first time to respond and solve, surly security yogurt franchisee can smoothly shop.

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