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pie Hamburg is a lot of investors are more interested in investment projects, but many investors worry that the store pricing will not allow customers to accept, so it will lose a lot of tourists. To this end, Xiaobian for everyone to send pie Hamburg menu for investors.

Crispy Chicken Burger: $7.5

New Orleans Roasted Burger: $8

Mexican Twister: $6

Mini Hamburger: $3

to Jane shrimp Fort: $8

Bacon: $6

invincible scallop Fort: $9

Castle crab: $8

Thai chicken roll: $7

New Orleans Roasted Wing (1): $6

Hot Wing (1): $5

Dragon Twister: $6

beef burger: $5.5

pastoral crispy chicken fort: $7

Pipa legs: $6

extreme Fort: $8

Hao Ba chicken: $8

chicken magnate: $9

Crispy Chicken: $13

honey roasted chicken: $15

American fries: $5

prunes fries: $4

Pumpkin pie: $5

Popcorn Chicken: $6

moon burn: $3

Taiwan chicken row: $5

sesame shangshangqian: $5

purple sweet potato ball: $5

scallop, squid bar: $3

ice cream: $2.5

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