The secret behind a 30 thousand day dumpling

Chinese people like to eat dumplings, because dumplings is a symbol of reunion, in the street can see a lot of dumplings, so how can we run a dumpling shop? Careful observation of the past two years, the food and beverage market, we can easily find that after a lot of public catering in the fight with the market, began to move toward a single product segmentation and small and beautiful business model.

brand focus

Gao Defu is the 70 after 1990, in his hometown of Hegang hotel kitchen work art. Later the hotel business for rectification, Telford high coincidence transfer hand in a store, the 19 year old Gao Defu from parents borrowed 3000 yuan of money, start empty-handed the restaurant, without the circulation of funds, how to do? Gao Defu’s approach is to find the original hotel guest can advance some money to support entrepreneurship, the results of these old customers are willing to help, then raised 5000 yuan as initial capital. Gao Defu recalls that when the entrepreneurial experience, he said "dare dare to."

in 2000, Gao Defu has many restaurants in the local, northeast cuisine, seafood restaurant, Hot pot shop and a variety of formats, but Gao Defu realized that so many restaurants are just business, the primitive accumulation of capital he needed to find a can focus on business.

2002 at the beginning of the year, Gao Defu decided to transition, his dream is to standardize a category, shop to the country, and even the world. Because of the Cantonese very fire, so he went to Guangdong to find a teacher to discuss experiences, results the teacher say to wake: products are regional labels, soup brand must be the birthplace of Guangdong. As a result, high return to the northeast, after thinking, the most suitable for the northeast is the most suitable category is the standardization of dumplings.

my entrepreneurial experience gives me the greatest insight, some things happen to do right, entrepreneurial success or choose the direction of organic coincidence ingredients." But Gao Defu is feeling more: others a point or a summary of the previous knowledge and theory, can help entrepreneurs make fewer mistakes, inspired to find their own solutions, so as the enterprise managers must constantly learning, not conceited and arrogant.

enough focus, to find their own explosive products with

Boiled dumplings

for a successful boss today like German more thanks to identify the product positioning and enough focus, the boss said: "some restaurant development does not go for many reasons is because of their insufficient focus, for example, you are a Hot pot shop you said, sell also sell Sichuan Wok Grilled Bullfrog and bibimbap, easily let your customers to the brand image of the confused, so when he finally want to think of you Hot pot he brand."

how do you focus? Like the German founder Gao Defu said: Recommended


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