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Made in Hefei robot high speed transport performance

now the whole intelligent robot era, in a special period of time like this, intelligent robot is people batch production, industrial production workshop in Hefei recently, there have been such two robots.

delicate emotional robot, wild driverless cars, the two robots we read the local manufacturing, the country’s leading up to today, daily with buddy to industrial production workshop in Hefei, see the industrial robot each bosom stunt.


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"I’m clean robot, my home in Hefei New Station District Xin Yihua company. LCD glass substrate handling speed is stable, I learned, this is second to none in the world. My working environment is very high requirements for cleanliness, per cubic meter of dust can not exceed ten, the human wants to enter the workshop must be armed to visit me after the wind and rain.   "

The highest

I can grow up to 5.8 meters, as the handling robot, I carry guy is mainly LCD glass substrate BOE home next door. The trick is to smooth handling, and so on, before and after, I can hold the glass substrate movement in six dimensions; in case of small bumps, in 0.5 seconds on the brake, and the vibration amplitude is not visible by the naked eye.

since last September after the birth of my brothers and sisters, currently has 160 units in the end of this year will reach 200 units. My master is developing a new generation of I: taller, longer arms, because we are going to be the 10.5 generation line service BOE, which will be the world’s first 10.5 generation line, screen size up to 2.95*3.32m for the production of hitherto unknown finger length, we extend to nearly 4 meters, the stability requirements are more high.

see a stunt like robot, but also make a lot of people who are very interested in, at the same time, in the future life, with special performance of robot can also be widely used in the whole society.


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