Entrepreneurship must read China snacks list

many people like to do snack business, fancy is China’s 1 billion 300 million consumer market, while the Chinese people are also favored for snacks. So what snacks to join the business worth operating? Catering franchisees must Chinese snacks in this list.

join preferred snack free fly ash smokeless barbecue, heat radiation structure design unique not only the traditional grilled flavor to the extreme, and the amount of carbon savings of 50%, is currently a common mode of joining street snacks.

are now sold, Lidengkequ, convenient and quick! Variety, strong visibility: hot dog roll, chicken incense coil, a variety of flavors for customers to choose the most special snack, quick snack to join.


dough after adding sugar, made of round shape, and then fried yellow, delicious cookies made. Before the cookie fillings only but also recently added sugar, peanut, pine nuts such as taste very sweet, I believe you can not resist the temptation! And add pizza sauce and cheese pizza cookies, cookies and other low calorie diet


is not Guangdong people eat beef offal, around the practice of diversity, halogen, beef offal, beef offal Hot pot cattle recommended


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