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Beverage store pricing to consider what factors

is a real selling shop, if the product pricing work do not place too high, consumers will not buy it, it is difficult to carry out business, the store is too low to make a loss will be difficult to carry out business. Therefore, the appropriate pricing naturally need to consider more factors. So, what are the factors that should be considered?

to open beverage shop, have to feel out the same type of stores around the product price, your best pricing and their flat, neither too high nor too low, you must comply with the grade of the decoration and your location.

second step is to set a good price to get rid of your reservation profits and other costs (rent), the cost of the product is calculated to adjust the formula, according to the results of the final volume, if the cost is too high to be used in sealing cup like ordinary products, you have to consider changing the packaging of small capacity for example, small and exquisite coffee cup, but looked tall capacity of small glass bottles etc.. In a word, it is necessary and necessary to calculate the cost before you start the beverage shop.

cost calculation and adjustment formula at the same time, in the cost, you need to repeatedly test a product formula ratio, until the drink to feel the best taste, can ask friends to try to drink, finally the best proportion to form a quantitative standard standard, can be down to can guarantee stability of beverage shop taste, and improve the efficiency of making your tomorrow, for the future training staff for three.

to a suitable price for the product, is not sitting at home can be done, but also need to take into account the more complete factors, so that the price will be more reasonable. So, if you are now open a beverage shop, is the product pricing and worry, with a small series of such an article, you know how to do it?


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