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Dehua will build a young ceramic artists talent Park

innovation and entrepreneurship development emphasizes the universal and popular, no matter what industry can be innovative. Quanzhou, Dehua, China will build a young ceramic artists talent Park, for the development of regional ceramic industry and innovation and Entrepreneurship Talent to provide a new stage of innovation.

in "public entrepreneurship, innovation" background, Dehua, a group of young people aspiring Yong forefront, which "Dehua Xinxiu Park" has become the topic of concern. Since August this year, started smoothly, is expected to be completed before the Spring Festival, a factory building, completed in October next year, the entire construction project.

"ceramic industry development, cannot do without the support of talent, industry competition is the competition of talent." Dehua county magistrate Ouyang Qiuhong said, rookie park is for communication and exchange platform in Dehua youth ceramic art talents, let them in the entrepreneurial process is no longer "fight a lone battle".


growth promoting exchanges

named "rookie Park", the owners are all settled in the ceramic art talent young and promising, young and innovative, energetic into Park sign. It is reported that the owners of 48, the youngest only 23 years old, education in college, some Chinese graduated from the Academy of fine arts, Xi’an Academy of fine arts, Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute.


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