nvestment in Yunnan Province

Chinese characteristics so as their delicacy choose what investment projects better? According to small series, hot pot is a very good investment to join the brand, hot pot is now increasingly popular in the Chinese market. Hot pot is a Chinese traditional delicacy, has a long history of development for many years, Sichuan style Hot pot has dominated the market, form a single, single taste, Hot pot industry began to slow down the development of the phenomenon. The development of Hot pot industry continue to inject new vitality, appear Yunnan mining fish Xiang Xiao Hot pot blew a new delicacy whirlwind, new ways to open the Hot pot investment.

Hot pot delicious, it is not important. The bottom of the pot taste determines the direct taste of food. Yunnan mining fish Xiang Xiao Hot pot exclusive secret many spices stew soup, the first rinse process after cured, brought before for some extreme experience, so that the meat is more delicious, let soup gouwei, a bite to stop. You should have good Hot pot exquisite taste, Yunnan mining fish Township can do, spicy and delicious, sweet and exotic, are all looking for here, hundreds of pots, all let you let you Tiao unable to hide greeds.

hot pot restaurants can successfully based on the market, business is very important. Yunnan mining fish Township creative small Hot pot model, one pot of convenient features to allow a person to enjoy the food Hot pot has become a reality, the economic benefits, a person can gobble down, a group of people can celebrate dinner, will maximize profits, also can make comparable store turnover in the shop. Yunnan mining township has changed the traditional hot pot investment costs, investment, high risk problems, will be made of hot pot snack mode, greatly improving the success rate.

fierce competition in the food and beverage market, features can attract more attention. Beef and mutton Hot pot Hot pot long occupied the leading position in the industry, to give consumers a taste of fatigue, appear to bring fresh fish Hot pot choice to the market, but also gradually become the Hot pot fish yesterday, everyone on the fish Hot pot also put forward higher requirements. Yunnan mining is Hot pot fish Township to join the project from Yunnan minority, on the low-fat original grouper fish as the main raw materials, the soup color jade, fresh fish, it is really delicious. Even peppers are selected from Lijiang high quality treasures. If you are tired of the fish Hot pot, it is because you haven’t tried Yunnan mining grouper fish town it can give you Hot pot, absolutely amazing taste.


above is the Yunnan mining fish town of this brand of course, if you pick the fish on the Yunnan Xiang Hot pot to join interested, please give us a message on our website below, we will arrange our staff to contact you after seeing the message.


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