Analysis of notes baidenan

now this small entrepreneurial wealth in the link, the stall is a very important way, at the same time, in the street, also need to pay attention to a lot of things. The night is you can see a lot of stalls stall business, should pay attention to what the problem?

note; location

position is the correct choice of stall, stall first condition to make money. Even if you have good products, if you choose the wrong location, small business, big may also lead to "stand down". Then a serious blow to your self-confidence, you will get a scientific location advantages and business is booming. Stall location ideal places: walk around the street, a large supermarket near the industrial park on the street, the university city where many people… But not necessarily the best place, where stall must be in place to stay, but also want to choose.

according to your product

note 2,  


A powerful means of

Note 3,


If our product does not appear in your area. We have more freedom to set prices. But the price also should be flexible, not on an opening of the people away, in short, the pricing problem, need to experience. I also slowly summary. There is a comparison of the molding method, and then detailed communication with you.

note 4,  



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