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How much is the cost of opening a fresh fruit juice shop

based on the health needs of people now consume fresh fruit juice brand shop catering market is very popular, compared to the traditional sense of the fruit drinks Fresh Juice green healthy and delicious, more Fresh Juice drinks market to win customers favor! Many investors have such idea, but many people do not know how much is open Fresh Juice store costs, so always dare not act rashly. Then the following small series with you to calculate the cost of opening a fresh juice shop


analysis of the cost of fresh fruit juice shop:

equipment cost: the purchase of fruit juice machine, refrigerator, cutlery, tables and chairs, sterilized for 8000 yuan, 200 yuan of pre purchase fruit shop, rent (with 8 square meters for example), monthly 800 yuan, 300 yuan for legal procedures, other expenses 500 yuan.

open fresh juice shop revenue accounting:

the price of each cup of juice is based on the price of the fruit. In general, a 8 square meters of freshly squeezed fruit juice shop, open a fresh juice shop to make money? Spring and summer can be a profit of about $4000 per month, autumn and winter to be worse, but it can also profit 2000~3000 yuan.

open fresh fruit juice shop location: site selection skills

pricing point of view, if it is a school, then you put the shop decoration is very modern (very cheap), and then charge higher.

if it is a small area, it is clean and simple, medium fees.


is the Trade Street area, then you will either play high-end, high decoration, open Fresh Juice shop all the secret is not produced from Europe, the price, or is the general price, the general decoration, but very unique, very clean, a few specialty products.

business then the first set your customers, your customers have age limits on the majority of young people under the age of 30, then you should consider their taste, from the decoration, to highlight modern or non mainstream play, you can try to write your customers something in your shop on the wall, just write what you want, who can write, or you let your customers get their photo stickers all over the wall is, of course, you have to prepare some of their first post, it must have produced very good name, but also not too tacky, like Holland drink, juice, sweet red bean ice cool crispy fruit like, like the atmosphere, but, it is made more spice. When the swing plate put some flowers.

open freshly squeezed fruit juice shop take out the window pricing in 3~5 yuan / cup 8~12 yuan / tie this price, the cup is the traditional cylindrical cup, tie is a big


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