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Do you see the situation when you start a business

many people choose self employment, entrepreneurial success never simple, not only to choose a good project, but also to recognize the situation, start the preparatory work before the preparatory work is essential, one of which is to recognize the situation, only the favorable situation to help people with entrepreneurial success.

It is said that this year the


here, to a certain extent, became the performance of entrepreneurs, venture capital investors who became a TV guest. And do not say whether this program to attract the audience, whether ratings should return to the common sense level to consider the issue: business or business model to try new, more should be carried out in groups of potential customers in the future, because the end user is willing to pay for is a serious matter, impossible to solve by television this means of entertainment programs.

entrepreneurial fashion and popular success is vulgar. A variety of success stories, I do not know to what extent infected entrepreneurs who let them inexplicably excited. This fashion, entertainment business atmosphere, many people ignore a basic common sense: Entrepreneurship itself is not what can be the most fundamental get excited over a little thing, the question is whether you can give customers more valuable products and services.


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