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Experiential marketing and network marketing differ from experiential services arising out of the th


since I and friends went to the Guangzhou IKEA furniture field to understand the service marketing experience here, in a hurry to touch their fur, see some local IKEA different, however, to study and experience the new marketing mode of marketing, although the road is long, but caused the author’s thinking in the end the similarities and differences between experiential marketing and network marketing


is known as a strong contender of experiential marketing is the network marketing, because it is the pursuit of a let consumers know personally visit products, try a process after use to buy products. With the network above those who rely on text, pictures and video from the two-dimensional effect is completely different feeling, this time in more traditional business electricity supplier occupy market share, experiential marketing is considered to be the best nemesis of network marketing, many traditional business give a breaking out of hope.

, however, since the 2004 Taobao development, there are many traditional businesses to experiential marketing can make a big move, but IKEA such effects rarely, why? Perhaps in experiential marketing, there are still some key secret, is not by those who follow the business knowledge. On this issue, I once again came to Guangzhou, a famous computer city – Pacific computer city to continue to understand the experiential marketing, to see what they are different from IKEA.

believes that for many friends love playing computer in recent years can feel, DIY products less and less, more and more products, notebook and tablet class computer class, the computer stores the best position of those digital products tend to be occupied, looking for DIY products often need to run to the relatively remote floors. I went to a shop before familiar, that reads "because business needs, has now moved to the 7 floor of the office, such as the need to buy products please visit the Tmall XXX store.". I believe this is a manifestation of the city’s

computer keep going by painstaking effort?

as a computer geek who likes to play DIY for more than and 10 years, the greatest pleasure is to select different configurations from different parts of the computer, and then conduct a variety of software evaluation. However, the status of the last one or two years, more and more people buy computer accessories in Tmall, the Jingdong business platform, and came to the computer stores to buy products fewer and fewer people, this is why? After all, the computer products, the most suitable for experiential marketing, placed several different configurations of the computer stores in Taiwan then, playing the same game, the level of the machine immediately show, which is better than using the evaluation software more intuitive, more sense of why the original for the experiential marketing of computer products, now has become a selling point of the

force electricity suppliers?

one, experiential marketing is the first to experience marketing experience, rather than after the first promotional experience.

who shopped computer city friends should know every time after the store, a sales staff was immediately surrounded by "want to ask you what the computer, or with.


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