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Net sales of cosmetics is 90 percent off high imitation fake 1 9 diluted liquid bottling again


net sales of 90 percent off cosmetics mostly high imitation fake (with TechWeb source network)

text / reporter Du Meng

"black bottle" an empty bottle only 4.8 yuan, high-grade spray bottle gradient of a just 3.5 yuan, welcome to wholesale, large favorably…… This chamber is booming cosmetic bottles sold, on the other hand is a family of online shopping Tucao buy their own cosmetics thin like water". Reporters learned that the investigation, on the network, the sale of large cosmetics empty bottles, recycling, reprocessing and other sectors have formed a chain of fraud. Consumers buy discounted cosmetics may be from the big fake factory.

reporter survey:

an eye cream ten price

is able to distinguish the true and false

at present, cosmetics online shopping market is flooded with fake stuff, dragons and fishes jumbled together, and smuggled goods. Netizen "wind rain" said, buy a website from last year’s big Cleansing Cream, compared with the goods and friends from abroad back, find themselves buying abroad than lean a lot. "On the face of the texture is not, almost like water." The user so tucao. Reporters found that the search, Tucao buy cosmetics than the counter products dilute the few users.

"squandering charming eyes, I was able to distinguish between true and false, this is a reporter for the online shopping cosmetics greatest feeling. Regardless of the innumerable electricity supplier websites and online, with a product, actually a few hundred dollars difference. Yesterday, the reporter were logged 3 home appliance business, search the same imported eye cream. Let reporters surprise, although the same packaging and capacity, but there are more than 10 prices.

the same product, why there are so many different prices, the reporter asked the seller, and the answer is not the same. Shop activities, anniversary, overseas purchasing, counter clearing and other reasons, the reporters were kept in the dark".

industry broke the news:

bought an empty bottle to dilute this everyone knows

in some buy site, those low to ninety percent off of the major promotions are fake. Bought the bottles and then a certain percentage of the stock solution is diluted, this is the industry we all know the secret." In the 3 years of Taobao cosmetics shop owner Vivian (a pseudonym) revealed to reporters.

Vivian told reporters that many shop sellers to get the original cosmetics, often using 1: 5, or even the proportion of dilution of 1: 9. Part of the site to buy brand-name cosmetics are mostly high imitation fake, so some products even as low as ninety percent off, still staggering profits.

big name cosmetics bottles can be easily bought with questions, the reporter conducted an investigation. In a website post bar, the high price of the major brands of cosmetics recycling empty bottles and other words frequently appear.



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