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Baidu micro purchase fresh where how to prove safety


yesterday in the Baidu search page to do their own water purifier Baidu know rankings, from the promotion of the last one began to see, accidentally saw Baidu micro purchase web applications. I see that night is Baidu shopping, a closer look to know, Baidu is the new Baidu micro purchase test version.

the past eventful years eventually defeat

see the new Baidu micro purchase, which can not help but remind me a few years ago, Baidu know ah. Baidu is a Baidu C2C network trading platform, on-line in October 28, 2008, Baidu also developed the corresponding payment platform – BaiduPay.

C2C at taobao.com occupy more than 80% market share in the market, has launched the release of heroic utterance within three years will have to beat Taobao, occupy the top spot in the personal online trading platform. Then, after two years of development, a considerable number of bumpy, culminating in the attack of Taobao and pat in 2011 April announced the end of the same year, he moved to O2O platform, launched the Beijing Philharmonic live, at present, Tianjin, Shanghai, Nanjing, Fuzhou, Wuhan and other six regions.

Baidu micro purchase new is at


see Baidu’s new Baidu micro purchase, the author with excited and excited mood and experience a. Login interface simply enter their phone number and verification code to enter the personal center interface. Recommended goods in the interface and left a total of nine categories, which are red, Wine grass collection rose water, wine, candy, Luzhou Lao Jiao bu’erjia imported coffee, Heng Shoutang, Vaseline moisturizing cream, SWISS THINS and health DeVos, products sold by the platform are 1 store.

look at the application of the function of Baidu micro purchase, the biggest feature is no need to register, fast orders, genuine guarantee. First save the electricity supplier website registration procedures and payment security cumbersome, second products are provided by the domestic well-known large-scale online mall, product quality assurance.

Baidu micro purchase once launched, has been widely praised by users, I believe more and more online shoppers will pay attention to Baidu micro purchase flat and will be applied. Baidu will use traditional search field advantage, occupy the Internet traffic entrance, micro purchase into a personal online trading platform and the largest mall site, mutual benefit, can not be said to launch micro purchase Baidu is Taobao and Tmall online trading platform once again the impact of the article from the household water! Is Weishidun http://s.weishidun.net to A5 first, original, reproduced please bring the link.


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