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PPC advertising (Baidu promotion, Taobao train) in-depth thinking and summary

PPC advertising pay per click advertising, because the user is active active search keywords, click on the ads, so is a form of advertising, the best at the same time, because of the auction, the highest cost is one of the most cheating way of advertising. The three most commonly used PPC advertising: Baidu promotion (Baidu bidding), Google Adwords, Taobao through train.

PPC because of the relatively high cost of advertising, so this kind of advertising are mostly concentrated in the service sector, such as: business services, education and training, health care, (because the service industry generally high profits); partial unpopular industry high customer price, such as high-end equipment; Taobao train also by women men and other high categories of goods by the seller. Low price, low price of products, commonly used products, popular products, due to the high volume, low profit margins, not suitable for PPC advertising.

to determine whether an industry or product is suitable for PPC advertising, first of all, the product must have a high profit margin (except for the purpose of brand promotion), or product advantages, can bring high conversion rate. Some tools can be used to query the degree of competition in the industry keywords, click on the price, Baidu to promote the estimation tool, keyword recommendation tools.


because I before a company is mainly responsible for Baidu promotion advertising, so the key to share some of my experience to do some Baidu promotion, my former company belongs to business registration industry, Hongkong overseas companies registered business, one of the few popular industries is also intense competition. What is the core of competitive bidding? Spend the least money to get the highest ranking, the conversion rate, the quality of

keyword bid:

usually do, the idea of PPC is to be the lowest cost to get a high ranking, we continue to change the price, change ideas, see the rankings, sometimes forget the most basic things, click on the cost of

is how to decide?


so click on the price is determined by the next bid and keyword quality, not by their own bid to decide. So their bid high, does not mean that the click of the price will be high, but also to improve the ranking of our top competitors click price.

at certain times, such as morning and evening, we can lower prices in the row to the first page of the top three this time, if you did not break up, be bold to improve their bid, because this time we will take the initiative to reduce the prices of competitors, but also reduce the very much. The top three and the last few costs are almost the same. During the hot days of the day, there is no need to raise the price to improve the ranking, because at this time we are relatively high bid, you have to pay a high price in front of them.

price, the overall industry competition to decide, it is not necessary to spend too much time to study, because there is not much room for optimization. How to optimize the general


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