Where the B2B electronic commerce to upstart

B2B e-commerce enterprises should focus more on their own business and customer development, which is their own mature performance, is the real power of the development of B2B e-commerce, after all, the development of electronic commerce Chinese has just started, is still a long way to go.

Alibaba is raising the listing of Hong Kong, China network library, universal business network and other strategic investment, in 2007 China’s B2B market by investors and the industry’s widespread concern. With the price rising Hi2000, Hi2000, Alibaba, HC the three B2B e-commerce website competition. Recently, big hit three B2B water battle site. In this chaos, B2B market "dark horse" out of the "Chinese network library and the Alibaba are not real B2B platform, amazing view Chinese is no real sense of the B2B website".


B2B website is the electronic commerce website in the true sense? Ideal development mode of B2B electronic commerce website should be what? B2B where future development will go? A series of problems plagued B2B become the e-commerce upstart development hot focus.

has led to the interests of the upstart

in 5 consecutive years to maintain rapid growth, favored by venture capital of China’s B2B industry ushered in a new round of capital injection. Reporters learned that the day before, China network won the U.S. NASDAQ listed companies Fu based tornado Technology Co. ten million yuan investment, commercial network also received $8 million in venture capital HMQ recently. Two venture capital winners are said, will open up new service mode, do China B2B industry leader.

it is understood that the current Chinese B2B field, in addition to Alibaba, such as HC from the Internet into the enterprise, NINETOWNS and global market group cooperation is another mode, namely starting from the foreign trade software company to the Internet, there are some large trading company is used to do their own B2B site model. Obviously, the future market competition will be more complex and intense. So much capital penetration into the field of e-commerce, is the fancy of its beautiful money scene.

according to IDC forecast, B2B e-commerce market in the Asia Pacific region will grow at an average annual rate of 59.1%. The next 5 years, China’s B2B e-commerce will grow at a rate of up to 120%. Ari market consulting is expected by 2007, China’s B2B e-commerce market size will reach 16900 yuan, can be described as money king attractive.

can not completely separate from the traditional industry

the next few years, Chinese B2B further development of e-commerce is faced with some problems, including traditional industries in the relation of channel complex, lack of credit and payment, logistics and other conditions are not yet mature, B2B e-commerce personnel training and the actual needs of small and medium-sized enterprises between electronic commerce and traditional fault and B2B industry etc..

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