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Development and Reform Commission signed a cooperation agreement to develop rural electricity suppli

February 17th, the national development and Reform Commission and the Alibaba Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the development of rural electricity supplier in the country to return home pilot. It is reported that the next three years, the two sides will work together to support more than 300 pilot counties (cities, districts) combined with the return of entrepreneurship pilot rural electricity supplier development.

Deputy director of national development and Reform Commission

Wang Xiaotao pointed out that the next three years, the national development and Reform Commission will strengthen the overall planning, comprehensive coordination, continue to improve the business environment and the organization of the pilot areas, the pilot areas docking Alibaba. The Alibaba will provide Taobao, including rural rural electricity supplier project landing, docking pilot areas, to achieve the project air plant. For the state-level poverty-stricken counties, Alibaba will be combined with the actual situation of local resources with a tilt.

according to the signing of the cooperation agreement, the national development and Reform Commission will integrate resources to promote and guide the pilot areas in advance with the Alibaba rural Taobao project cooperation. At the same time, to encourage the pilot areas to carry out training activities related to government related service personnel, rural Taobao partners, Amoy helpers and other rural electricity supplier service system to participate in personnel training, advocacy and other related work to do a good job.

it is understood that the Alibaba group will be Taobao rural and related company as the first army, the development of the localization of business driven rural pilot areas, to create a set of channels, electronic business platform, the two-way flow of talent cultivation, polymerization ecological chain of e-commerce in rural areas as one of the ecosystem and to attract more people, home business employment.

of the national development and Reform Commission had previously combined with the Ministry of finance, Ministry of human resources and social security, Ministry of agriculture, Ministry of Commerce, people’s Bank and other 10 departments issued a notice, combined with the new urbanization of migrant workers and other personnel support home business pilot work. The pilot took three years to roll the implementation of the way, 2016-2018 years to support about 100 pilot areas to promote home employment. Countries will be based on the pilot declaration, in the integration of resources, revitalize the stock on the basis of policy support, project support and channel support.

Sun Lijun

, vice president of Alibaba Group partners, the cooperation on the one hand to help the pilot area development of rural electricity supplier, on the other hand, but also through the further development of rural electricity providers to attract more migrant workers return home entrepreneurship employment personnel. The next three years, about 100 home business pilot area Alibaba annually selected in the national development and Reform Commission, in accordance with the pace of cooperation set up about 100 county service centers and 10000 village service station, each village service station according to actual needs carrying "ecological center", "public welfare center" etc..

Said Sun Lijun

, a subsidiary of Alibaba, Taobao rural agricultural products uplink, rookie network, rural "Taobao APP", the ant and its commercial bank payment service of rural finance, Tmall Office of network communication services, Ali, Ali travel health and wisdom County 16 related projects will be the signing as an opportunity, according to local conditions in the country development and Reform Commission and the local government’s support of the landing. By then, with the development of ecological chain and ecosystem, will attract more


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