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How to break through the small and medium-sized e-commerce website

remember the last time, I wrote an article with the issues related to electronic commerce and search engine, leaving a does not solve the problem of small and medium-sized e-commerce website how to out of the encirclement, to create their own piece of heaven and earth, then we put the last discussion today.

now do e-commerce in Chinese, especially small e-commerce sites, we summed up a model, is the first in Taobao to open a shop, although it sounds funny, but the indisputable fact that the Alibaba in B2C and B2B, C2C of the three industry occupy the absolute advantage, both well-known of funds, and the whole industry chain formation, have shed a net, other electricity providers can only suffer in the struggle. Many people who do e-commerce with others to introduce their own time, like to say that we are the next Alibaba, the next Taobao. In this one, the pack and the age, how do you break loose, occupy the highest point


e-commerce website is the core of what many people say is the channel. There are more people than others mouth, better prices, I do not believe that they can not sell. Ha ha, you try, you have these you can not succeed, I believe that this is the probability, however, the difficulty is quite large.

e-commerce is the core of your site is not popular, is popular in order to have wealth, not how popular the conversion rate and the turnover rate? Otherwise, every guest sincere guest, don’t do advertising every day felipe. Jingdong mall does not have to open the shop above the horizon.

in front of a little more than words, we also discuss the core problem now, how out of the siege, occupy the highest point. Two words, alliance. Baidu, Google, Alibaba through advertising, let more users inadvertently frequently use their web sites, although the foreign claims is divided into benefits, but most winning or their hands, they do free advertising, well imagine if all the network stations are linked to the Google Advertising, the Internet is not all people are likely to become Google users, the other is the same.

e-commerce sites can also learn from their successful experience, engage in an e-commerce site distribution platform. Just imagine, if there are many websites on your ecommerce website interface, display of your products, and trade, your product exposure rate will be high, turnover you will be much higher, your brand awareness will be much higher, if a website can give you about 100 IP a day, if there are 10000 to join you, your IP is 100W, but the high threshold of the site.

now, many electricity providers are also aware of the problem, constantly looking for alliance business, like Jingdong like Tianya marriage, as well as serves as, like ICBC etc.. If one day, your e-commerce site IP reached 100W, you get closer and closer to success.



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