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.CN was the biggest network attack traffic is far more than the historical peak

August 25th at 0 o’clock in the morning, the national DNS nodes to a denial of service attack, with.CN as the number of websites and Sina micro-blog client root domain name can not log in, after CNNIC treatment, to 2 pm, service recovery.

but at 4 am, the national domain name resolution node again by the largest ever denial of service attacks, part of the site analysis is affected, resulting in slow or interrupted access.

the same day around 10 points, the attack is still ongoing, but the national domain name resolution service has been gradually restored.

name server is the highest level of the Internet domain name system in the domain name server, only 13 root servers worldwide; and the ".CN" domain name is registered with the state China top-level domain, CNNIC is responsible for the management, for the ordinary individual application open.

this event did not result in a large area of.CN domain paralysis. CNNIC executive director Li Xiaodong told the media that the CNNIC domain name root server security monitoring system and monitoring of 24 hours of maintenance personnel, the morning attack immediately after the start of the emergency preventive measures, to ensure the analysis of service recovery, the attack effect of.CN domain name system will be limited to a certain range, not spread to the entire network.

Li Xiaodong said, in fact CNNIC almost every day will be subjected to various security attacks, including denial of service attacks, but usually the flow, less intensity, no adverse effect, but the attack traffic is far more than the historical peak, common hacker attacks are unlikely to trigger this failure, there may be a network attack organization.

but for the way and the source of the network attack, CNNIC yesterday on the first Financial Daily reporters, said the investigation is still no final conclusion. But some experts pointed out that, according to the previous situation, might be to use a botnet attacks, implanted in the computer specific malicious program control of a large number of "chicken" (also known as the puppet machine, which can be a hacker remote control machine), and then to control the relative dispersion of a large number of "chicken" to send the order to attack by computer the relative concentration of the lead flow increase within a short period of time.

currently the world’s.CN domain name has nearly 8 million, CNNIC in the global deployment of domain name service system, if there is a large area of paralysis, ordinary users visit the site will be greatly affected.

Cnflap chief executive Guanzhuang

Chinese domain operation ecliptic technology said: "in the global scope, the (domain name server) attacks have occurred many times. From this point of view, the ability to attack hackers is increasing."

this event also led to a strong rise in the concept of network security yesterday morning, the sector rose 2.51%. As of press time, AIU Cupressaceae (300188.SZ) trading; TRS (300229.SZ) rose 6.3%, North source (300352.S>


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