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Gome online CEO Li Juntao we want to edge no way!

Wang Zhen

10:30 in October 26th, the headquarters of the United States Eagle building, 18 floor, in a busy and orderly atmosphere, known as "Li flying" Gome holding group Home Furnishing / intelligent home appliance manufacturing sector president, Gome online CEO Li Juntao in the media.

this year 11, Suning and Ali, Jingdong and Tencent alliance, on the line of stores in the United States fortune do? "We want to marginalized? No way!" said Li Juntao flatly, "the United States price war is our ancestors, why the loss of enterprises dare to challenge, I often do not agree."

the following Gome founder Wong Kwong Yu Dajiangshan with Reggie, has been in control of Gome procurement. Since August 5th as Gome online CEO, Li Juntao told the "First Financial Daily reporters, he mainly do three things, one is the foundation work; two is to strengthen the integration of the United States online and offline business; the three is to find opportunities for mergers and acquisitions.


double play this year, Li Juntao summed up as "three true a two". "Three true" refers to the real quality, really cheap, really fast; "two" refers to the expensive to lose, slow to lose; "one" refers to the goods. Gome online this year, the goal of 11, an increase of 300%~400%. I hope two or three years annual income of up to 50 billion ~600 billion, listed on the reconstruction of a Gome online."

"price war" on

"the United States has more than 1 thousand stores, about 100000000000 yuan a year, sales of billions of profits, why the United States (online marketing) to hand over to the opponent? Impossible!" Li Juntao is still straight talk from an honest man.

war to have bullets, he said, the opponent has a bullet, the United States has four kinds of bullets online. In addition to the conventional line of goods, and Gome appliance suppliers many years of cooperation based on the provided to the United States online online sales, offline stores also high-end goods, commodities and commodity ODM underwriting customized three types of "bullet".

since taking office in August 5th, Li Juntao went to TCL, SKYWORTH, Konka, Hisense, Haier and other "old friends" visit, three months ahead of the preparatory double 11 goods, the United States based on big data analysis background, selection of products.

According to

, vice president of the United States responsible for purchasing online Song Linlin, the United States during the online double 11 promotion, from October 28th to November 12th, some home appliances, mobile phone prices as low as 50 percent off. For example, the modern 43 inch LED backlit LCD TV $1111, Electrolux class three energy efficiency fixed frequency air conditioning 1111 yuan.

is one of the largest China Apple products retailer, Gome online this year will double 11 16G apple 6S mobile phone down to 4788 yuan, 5288 yuan less than the price of Apple’s 6 mobile phone; 16G to lower the price of 4158 yuan.

Song Linlin said, Gome online will jointly more than and 100 manufacturers, production.


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