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Bad teacher brush off cancer of the birth of the electricity industry

[open column]

present, new formats of the Internet has become a new economic growth engine based on the Internet, supporting public entrepreneurship, innovation effect is further enhanced. In the Internet plus under the action of the emergence of many new industries, new social occupation, for example, Internet plus car drivers, Internet plus model, Internet plus beautician etc.. This column concern caused by Internet plus industrial fission, records of traditional industry in the mobile Internet era and the transformation of ecological public image, please pay attention.

reporter slip fly Shanghai reported

recently, the consumer data integrity model "Ali launched malicious evaluation back delete function, to prove safety of poor division of black chain.

"Internet plus" is a reconstruction of the various elements of the industrial chain of traditional industries, the Internet giant also gradually establish a set of its own ecosystem. But the Internet in the optimization of business models and enhance the user experience, but also the birth of a number of new types of career and even the industry, Ali is a bad example of the attack.

network "pengci"

How big is

? According to a set of data released only in Ali, Ali’s business platform, since the on-line consumer integrity data model ", was hit and identified as occupation bad teacher ID history of the total close to 5 million, the average weekly by the model of the hit malicious bad review up to 150 thousand, and the most surprisingly, the number of new ID occupation bad teacher was close at peak 40 thousand / week.

from our data point of view, since last year, there is an outbreak of professional assessment division." Ali credit team leader Wang Mengjie yesterday, said in an interview with the twenty-first Century economic news reporter. He said that Ali investigated and dealt with malicious bad teacher, does not include the normal shopping to consumers in the poor evaluation.

said a Guangdong sellers to accept the twenty-first Century economic report interview with reporters, poor division is mainly caught some loopholes, such as Taobao’s business platform rules, businesses once the poor, the store level will be affected, to attract new users will be affected, therefore, poor teachers will use the concerns of businesses the difference is judged by some demands, such as direct extortion business; there is a malicious bad review to attack by a shop, the shop directly lead to be blocked platform.

for the electronic business platform, the development of the evaluation system is intended to enhance the business sense of service, to ensure that the user experience. And the difference is gradually using this rule to establish a new profession, professional income through poor evaluation. Ali, this behavior will be described as "pengci network".

obviously, this is a completely an occupation business appear based on Internet plus with the rapid penetration of traditional industries, not only bad teachers in the field of electricity providers, in recent years the rise of new micro shop, P2P, car and other emerging formats also appeared in a similar occupation – brush a single passenger.

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