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Do a seemingly clever thing which turns out to be a foolish one instead! nventory of those failed a

successful advertising has a variety of types, the current hot spots, by surprise, humor…… they always use their own highlights to seize the audience’s attention, plays a vital role in the growth and development of the brand. The failure of the advertisement? If you sum up, you will find the reasons for their failure but so few, but some brands, going around is not around the circle of.


TOYOTA’s overbearing marketing

rugged mountain road, a car traveling on the road of the TOYOTA "hegemony" led to a roadside Shishi Chuishou eyebrows, another stone lion raised his right hand to salute, copy of the high handed, you have to respect". Another piece of advertising is a TOYOTA Land Cruiser "towards the slope, behind the chain pulling a look heavy Chinese production" Dongfeng "truck;

This year TOYOTA

ad just one appearance, it caused a great disturbance in the reader.



"this is a clear insult to Chinese advertising!"

"is the symbol of the stone lion Chinese means, this advertisement has made them to a Japanese brand car bow!"

, taking into account the relationship between Lugou Bridge, stone lions, the three anti Japanese, more people hate".

and the other in an advertisement, a truck is made of Dongfeng Automobile, green Dongfeng truck and China’s military is very similar, there are a lot of people suspected of military China insult.

under the strong pressure of public opinion, Toyota Corporation and responsible for the production of this advertising Saatchi the Great Wall advertising company has publicly apologized to Chinese readers.

The United States Virgin Mobile

in 2012 the United States Virgin Mobile has launched an online advertising, advertising in the middle-aged man over the woman’s eyes by hand, and the other hand holding a wrapped gift, looks very happy and harmonious, but when you see an advertisement, will be jaw dropping, "full of surprises for Christmas that is a necklace or drugged?" don’t tell me this is just a plane release…



necklace: n. necklace;

chloroform: n.


does not know which only childish asshole can think of, but the virgin land users can scarcely wait to express their outrage, even the group’s founder Richard Branson is accused of this ad is simply pigs as teammates.


SONY white version PSP


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