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From the home of the car to talk about the Chinese media electricity supplier Road

2013, the Chinese media industry, there are two things caused by the phenomenon of the two media should bring a little bit of breakthrough ideas.

: the first senior reporter Chen Yongzhou was arrested for extortion enterprise! Chen Yongzhou was behind the one hand shows the part of the reporter (to tell the truth, the Chen Yongzhou case is not the case, extortion enterprise survival media has already formed the scale) the moral landslide, but also reflects from one side by simply writing difficult to feed their families, a some journalists were forced to profit through illegal means.

second: automotive media site car home in December 11, 2013 the United States market, the stock rose! Behind the car listed shares soared because of a media site car home not only, more is an electronic commerce website, car home success refers to a way to the media (in addition to the successful case car home, and Tiexue, Zhongguancun mall, millet mother and other media), which is involved in the electricity supplier you are good at relying on the media, e-commerce in related fields. Whether B2C or C2B or O2O or group purchase, mode, can sell product is king.

It is interesting to see the news of the two

together, and the success of Chen Yongzhou’s failure and the success of the car house is a reflection of the plight and breakthrough of Chinese media and media.

Review and analysis of

too much too feeble, today I took out several real cases and under discussion, the media is how to get involved in the electricity supplier to maintain a position in the industry even leapfrog development.

car home 2 billion 600 million orders a day

we all know that the past two China automotive media sites are 11 collective car home one day a feeling of exaltation upon fulfillment, the order of the total of 17776 units, the total order amount 2 billion 643 million, single price of 148 thousand passengers. I believe that the reason for the December 11th car home prices soared a lot of reason is that this time the performance of the double 11, if only to the media stocks, the identity of the market, or will be very limited. It is understood that the car’s home as a vehicle vertical information website, after a period of time to find it difficult to make money by the media. So in recent years in order to force the car electricity supplier, with more than and 370 cities nationwide dealers to establish a lot of cooperation, every 7.8 seconds can produce a sales trail. Not only all over the country and has all the sales information collection, and these car dealers have been on a good online and offline price and customer service and other aspects of cooperation, this is what we often say that the car O2O.

Tiexue men online mall

if the car home and other automotive media selling cars will be questioned if the pseudo electricity supplier (because the payment link and car line is completed), the Tiexue Tiexue Jun character is pure e-commerce website. Tiexue from 80 business representative Jiang Lei was founded in 2001, initially from the creation in 2007.


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