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How to promote the marketing of classified information website

first congratulate you found a blind area of the ordinary business! Classification information exchange platform has large sites do not have a potential advantage, because it can be more refined classification, tactile can go deep into the city and county, to offer people more service, at the same time to add more business website tedious work, if I do not do the overall planning, business will be very difficult. Because your site is not for the test line, not its function, so I can do for you the plan book, only from the two aspects of website promotion and website operators to make a system analysis and planning.

for three of your questions in the taskbar, namely how to make the website operation easy and convenient, how to attract businesses and increase in advertising and more profit, how to effectively carry out the website promotion, I designed a "source of information network as a fulcrum for you, by the point of expanding first, a single area, multi regional promotion" tactics, gradually increase the profit point, the steady development. Specific steps and measures are as follows:

one, "information source network". This is the first step in the classification of information website building, we must first have their own sources of information channels, can become a network, you can run, just like laying water pipes. It can make the future work with half the effort. In the initial stage of the site can be the first to establish a preliminary information network, and then gradually expand and improve. We can be a local city (such as Nanyang city) as a breakthrough, to spend a month time, the mobilization of all available network survey in all walks of life wide interpersonal influence of big business, institutions and individuals, choose a business, an organization, a body of each line, with their consultation and cooperation matters. Due to the selection of collaborators are large energy strong call, the natural impact of the industry can take the initiative to find the door. The content of cooperation is: they are responsible for the timely supply and demand information to the site, and the site, free of charge for them to publish information advertising. Because it is mutually beneficial, and they do not need to invest in costs, after consultation to finalize cooperation. It is important to note that, with the institutional cooperation period of the first tentative 6 months, and then continue to set, the possibility of the future situation may be charged. It is best to sign a contract to avoid disputes afterwards. Do this step requires as much as possible to collect local industry QQ and telephone, finishing the book, and the intention of cooperation and consistent; focus is to finalize the cooperation contract with the industry leader. The cost of this step is essentially human input.

two, the successful completion of the previous step, we have already mastered a lot of information resources on hand, you can begin to enrich the content of the site. Or a local city of Nanyang as a breakthrough, the first area of classified information website. Then the first thing to do is to determine the classification of good information classification. The classification of the 58 city there are 17 types of classification, ganji.com Nanyang district has 21 kinds, attached below:

58 city:

housing information


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