do Taobao how to do to earn 200

I do Taobao off for several months, the beginning did not earn what money, because the website for a free program that included is also slow, later included the keyword ranking is very low, not to the old. Later IP slowly up, but also can not afford to stay visitors, a few days without a deal.

people can not let the urine to suppress dead ah, this way we can not think of him. I think the careful study, although IP, but because the site is too complicated, what types of both, so it is very difficult to make an impression, unless you flow over, like video station traffic. But I do not have so much traffic, the effect can be imagined, so I changed my mind. I made a CMS station, designed to do breast products, because the Commission is relatively high. I mainly buy traffic to do, find height matching forum directly monthly advertising, to bargain with the customer service forum here, he thinks you are a novice, so hard to kill you, there is a forum to charge me 2000 yuan a month, he weighs, forum is 2W traffic every day, but I just do he is a section of the advertisement. As long as a few months is enough, then hard to get me 30 months. He is more than a few income will not


to find a dozen forums, don’t be afraid of trouble, the income is very important. But there are skills when choosing forums, such as the flow rate is true ah, is not brush, about how much is how much traffic monthly advertising forum. These should pay attention to, if you really do not know to buy some of the alliance flow, more assured, but the best buy monthly, click on the brush. For example, Ali mother.

flow to buy the advantages of everyday propaganda, automatic flow, but accidentally lose money, there is too much skill. I also slowly groping. I insist every day to update an article of original breast enhancement, so that every day will come to some traffic. In addition to the site put traffic statistics, so that you can see the flow where it came from, the forum is the monthly advertising so it is not brush your advertising, is more real, if the traffic is not much, it would change the forum. Their own interests are the most important. Now

is now able to earn more than 200 yuan a day, ready to engage in several stations, different types of. Taobao customers are interested can find me.


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