Are you H today

"Hello, KuGoo" I have heard this sentence for several years, and now it is my cell phone ringing. But in the near future: Hi, baidu may take the place of it as the most popular greeting.

no suspense but surprisingly quickly, Baidu today started IM products online, named: Haidu hi led to a lot of people abuse, but I think this is very cordial, in addition to Baidu space is at the beginning of the hi (can easily be Baidu hi and Baidu space link), for English level how the Chinese people is also a very friendly name.


personally feel that Baidu hi want to surprise close to QQ (not a threat, just close to) it must be Baidu mail and mobile phone version released simultaneously in the launch of the IM time (and the operating system version, at the same time some) support online chat records and keep customization (that is equal to QQ and gtake together).


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