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China’s most expensive domain name transaction case 4.cn founder Xu Jun bought over billion worth of

learned that the latest, 4.cn founder Xu Junxin with a top international domain name Game.com, the seller for us listed company HASBRO (Hasbro), Transformers, special forces, star wars and other well-known brands of the company’s. It is understood that a few years ago, Xu Jun also took a lot of 101.com domain name from the Disney group.

Game.com is the most popular game in the field of

and the international top-level domain name corresponding to the Game.com, there are two games for business in the domestic domain, respectively is: the domestic top-level domain game.cn and the international top-level domain youxi.com ("game" word spelling). Currently, game.cn domain name has been in February 2014, to 3 million 98 thousand high price shoot, in the month of the top trading. The youxi.com domain name, has been fun tour to 15 million yuan to win.

there is no doubt that the international top-level domain Game.com business versatility and transaction value, certainly much higher than game.cn and youxi.com. Because the game of the English word "game" and ".Com" suffix of the domain name, is to take the international route of the game company’s options. So, of course, is the Game.com domain name by the international game companies competing to snatch xiangbobo. It is understood that the game company has been willing to bid 125 million yuan to buy.

, according to a senior Internet personage says, the domain name transaction data from abroad has been disclosed, the game.com value is likely to be ranked in all domain name transactions before the three, could be worth billions of dollars, because the game’s best cash flow. From the current has been able to see the results are: located in the first place in the list of trading volume sex.com, has completed a deal of $130 million.


foreign ten domain name turnover ranking

is the most willing to throw money or game company, Jingdong, vip.com can not be compared!

, according to the investigation of the multi carp quickly learned that: Jingdong JD.com transaction price of about 20 million, the price of vip.com VIP.com domain name in the $12 million. Wo Wo Group two or three years ago the closing of the 55.com domain, the price is 15 million yuan. Last month, with the way tourism has just announced the opening of the double spell domain name LY.com, known as the price in the tens of millions of dollars, but the real price is unknown.

in fact, the most willing to purchase the domain name under the original capital or game company. Fun tour had to spend 15 million to buy youxi.com domain name, 37 games to spend 12 million yuan into the arm of the 37.com. In addition, Netdragon buy 11.com and 99.com domain name transaction prices are 10 million yuan level.

although Jingdong, vip.com and other companies willing to throw money, but with the game station


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